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Actual position

What we believe

We believe that it is possible to produce top quality products for commonly acceptable prices. We are convinced that an effort of each of us contributes to achieve this target. Therefore, we believe to ourselves and one another and therefore, we also believe our customers.

We are continuously developing and we only sell products of this development

Our company concentrates all its activities on a single outcome- the production of machines for raw material processing technologies. Our development strategy is based on creating the set of most useful types and sizes of each machine and providing more complex services. At present, we are able to satisfy the majority of common requirements. Similarly, the company expands into new markets, however the domestic market and the markets of the nearest countries still remain the most important ones. We also focus on the development of an efficient sales network.

Form follows function

The company prefers creating problem oriented teams based on the natural authority of competent specialists to inflexible hierarchical structures. In decision making processes, the strategy to find a consensus, while respecting owner's authority and balanced support not only contemporary, but also prospective activities, prevails.

How we produce

DSP Přerov is a business-engineering company, where the main production base is linked with a reliable network of specialized suppliers. We ourselves perform some finishing operations. Our own construction and application know how makes the company unique in this system. The DSP Přerov, spol. s r.o. Headquarter.

The DSP Přerov, spol. s r.o. Headquarter

We deal with the problem in the place of its occurrence:

Nobody knows about the equipment more than those who operate it every day. Therefore, the priorities of the company include the ability to communicate with the customer, understand his problems and persuade him into our solution.

Everybody knows different things

The professional structure of the staff is based on three main activities, which are:

  • Construction development of new products
  • Complex business services
  • Installation of the delivered equipment and after-delivery service

The majority of the staff has long lasting professional experience in the field.

Our company DSP Prerov is holding of quality certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2000