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Actual position

Firm profileDSP Přerov, spol. s r.o.

Currently, DSP Přerov, spol.s.r.o. concentrates on three basic activities:

  • Construction development of own solutions of the principal machines for aggregate processing, mainly crushers and screens, including relevant equipment and accessories, which provide for their flexible installation in a great variety of operation situations, and thus we are able to meet a wide range of customers´ requirements. The key construction units are covered by a range of utility designs (so called small patents).

Certificate of Registered PatternCertificate mining office board

  • The development of application know-how supported by an efficient sales part, which covers complex pre-sale services. These services start by identification of customer's needs, then we find the optimal solution and select the most suitable equipment from not only our own production, but we also utilize the services and equipment of other reliable producers. The inseparable parts of these services are also to provide the delivery, assist during assembly and put the machines into operation.
  • The service during installation and after-sale service include the delivery of spare parts, assistance during periodic and random maintenance, training of operators etc. These services are provided by the service staff and involve not only the equipment produced by DSP, but also of other producers who do not consider these services as important.

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