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Cone crushers HCC, HCUCrushersOur productsDSP Přerov, spol. s r.o.

The design of HCC, HCU cone crushers considers all significant requirements of the customers for secondary and tertiary raw material crushers - high capacity, operation reliability, simple and cheap operation and ability to crush extremely hard rocks.

HCC, HCU crushers= many advantages:

  • Advanced technology ensuring not only high productivity, but also work safety.
  • Wide range of usage and optimal satisfaction of customers requirements.
  • Robust design resistant against extremely adverse operation effects.
  • High quality of crushed material, mainly the shape of grains satisfying the most demanding requirements of standards.
  • Automatic regulation of adjustment which guarantees the optimal utilization of the crusher.
  • Constant shape of crushing tools during wear increasing their operating life.
  • Compact seating of the crusher and the drive that makes the assembly and putting into operation easier.
  • Flexible seating reduces the load of supporting structure.
  • Automatic oil and grease lubrication significantly reduces the demands on operators.
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Automatic regulation = better and more economic results of crushing

The HCC, HCU crushers are commonly equipped by a control system, which guarantees maximum utilization of the capacity of the machine and thus reduces the operation costs. The control unit can be integrated into the system of automatic control of the whole technological process. More effective operation of the crusher thus increases the profit and significantly reduces the costs.

Hydraulic regulation = simple operation and maintenance

Reliable, simple and fast hydraulic system to adjust the output slot protects the crusher against overloading and provides an easy discharge of the crushing chamber in case of blockage of crusher operation, while the maximum safety of operators is ensured. The hydraulic set and the oil and grease lubricating system are integrated in one case.

Parameters of HCC, HCU crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions. Enquiry form.

HCU 7, HCU 10

Type mark 
- HCU 7
HCU 10
Inlet dimensions    
mm 35 65 100 160 65 90 150 220
El.power  input kW 90
t/h 30-90 35-115 40-125 70-170 55-160 70-170 75-210 140-300

HCC 12, HCC 16

Type mark - HCU 12
HCU 16
Inlet dimensions mm 65 95 155 340 85 140 200 440
El.power input kW 132-200 250-315
t/h 110-225 160-340 190-375 275-510 150-390 165-420 220-500 325-620

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