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The Roller crushers are used for fine crushing of wide variety of materials. The advantage of this kind of crushing is a significant reduction of occurrence of fine dust particles in the final product.

RCS crushers >> many advantages:

  • High technical level focusing on simple operation and maintenance
  • Minimum dust particles in the product
  • The rotor design makes the exchange of worn bandages easie
  • Simple system of crushing slot adjustment and thus adjustment of outlet grain size
  • Simple and unambiguous adjustment of the rotor thrust
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Construction solution >> easy operation and maintenance

The RCS Crusher is easy to install, operate and maintain. The whole crusher, including the rotor drives, is attached to the common frame. The rotor spring-mounting and slot adjustment unit has easily accessible and adjustable control elements.

Parameters of RCS Crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions. Enquiry form.

Type mark - RCS 100x63
Max.inlet piece mm 40
El.power input kW 2x 30-37
Capacity t/h 10-60

Roller crusher RCS 100x63Roller crusher RCS 100x63Roller crusher RCS 100x63