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The PPV belt feeders are used for discharging and feeding of an even volume of non-sticking, bulk materials from a hopper or a silo into the screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

The conveying belt of the PPV feeder is tensioned by the screws of the rear roll. The driving roll is driven by an electric motor and a gearbox, which is attached to the frame. The conveying belt is supported by side rollers, central rollers and bottom rollers. The wiper cleans the belt feeder from the dirt.

The feeder with the a linear belt movement.

PPV Belt feeders = many advantages:

  • Minimum operation costs, which results from the balanced machine design, utilization of many years' of belt feeder operation experience and unification of parts.
  • High quality = high affectivity + highly economic operation.

Parameters of PPV Feeders

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.

Type mark - PPV 100x260 PPV 100x350
Width of conveying bel mm 1 000 1 000
The distance between the axes of the rolls mm 2 600 3 500
Transported amount m3/hod 0-300 0-300
El.power input kW 5,5 5,5

Belt feeder PPV 100x260Belt feeder PPV 100x260Belt feeder PPV 100x260

Belt feeder PPV 100x350