Kojetínská 2900/51
750 02, Přerov I - Město

Phone: +420 581 209 050
Fax: +420 581 209 051

Actual position

DSP Přerov, spol.s.r.o. performs repair work and complete overhauls of crushers and screens including delivery of the spare parts.

The inseparable part of service activities is a complete aggregate of pre- and after- sale services, as:

  • Identification of customer's needs
  • Cooperation during application draft
  • Production of the equipment
  • Putting into operation
  • Training of operators
  • Proving of project parameters
  • Warranty and after-warranty repairs

Repair worksAssembly of the technological lineRepair worksAssembly of the HCC Cone crusherService vehicleAssembly of the HCU Cone crusher